Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review of Time 4 Leanring

After hearing rave reviews from a few of our family friends of Time 4 Learning, I decided that we needed to try this for ourselves. Time for learning is an online multi-subject educational website that is great for homeschooling families or famlies that are looking for an online educational supplemement. Our 5 year old daughter tested out this website for a month. Every day she would beg me to let her get online to use it. The material was present in a fun, game-like manner that kept her enterntained and learning the whole time. I was very surprised at how much material she was able to cover in just a month using the time 4 learning website. We focused primarily on the language arts resources available, but there as also math and science . We were able to choose the subject and the grade level, as well as an assortment of activities within each subject. This allowed us to pin point exactly what our daughter was ready to cover. I loved that I could sit and enjoy time for learning with my daughter, or allow her to work independantly. We've had such a positive experience with Time 4 learning, that we plan to continue using it as an learning resource for our daughter as she enters Kindergarten. I highly recommend that you check out this resource for your children. My review of this website is entirely my own opinion and the content was not written by Time4Learning. I was compensated by the company for this review.