Monday, November 3, 2008

First Blog Post!

I'm so excited to finally start blogging! I've been meaning to get a blog going all year and just never have had the time to get it all up and running, but thanks to the amazing Tara Staton ( that has all taken care of! She gave me a friendly kick in the rear and said it was time I started blogging and even designed the blog for me, along with some fabulous marketing pieces. She is simply awesome. If you are a photographer and are in need of design work, Tara is your woman.

So, I'll be posting recent session images and even going back and blogging images from ealier sessions this year that are just too fabulous not to share.

More to come soon!!!!



  1. I'm lovin' the new blog Penny!!! It looks amazing!

  2. It's just amazing Penny! I'm lovin' your new blog!