Monday, June 29, 2009

The whole reason I started studying photography in the first place -Mandeville/Covington Children's photographer

Like so many photographers, I started seriously studying photography after the birth of my daughter. I had been working in the corporate world since college and came home after the birth to be a full time mama. Suddenly I had the most amazing creature in the world and like any parent, I started taking pictures (and believe me, they weren't any good, but I didn't know it at first.)

Well, I recently walked out the backyard and caught Skylar playing with her favorite baby doll. We had just been out and Skylar was dressed so cute. I ran back in the house grabbed the camera and this was the result:


To be honest, photographing your own child can be a struggle for many photographers, and Skylar pretty much runs from my camera. I can't tell you how insanely happy it made me to get this shot. I just got a 16x20 of this beauty and had a custom frame made for it. It makes my heart melt every time I walk past it.

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  1. It's gorgeous Penny. I need to get out and shoot more of the boys. TFS!